Most of AT&T Customers will get HBO MAX for Free

Most of AT&T Customers will get HBO MAX for Free

AT&T always surprise their customers and competitors with new and exciting promotions. AT&T covers 99.9% of The USA and has millions of consumers across the US. With the official launch of Warner Media’s HBO Max streaming services, AT&T has announced that most of its existing and new customers be eligible for this Streaming Services for free. This feature will be available for AT&T Wireless Phone Services, AT&T Internet, and AT&T Video Cable TV Customers. Also, Existing customers who already have HBO Network and are paying for it will be eligible for Streaming Services.

As Per AT&T, the new HBO Max Streaming Services will make HBO Max available to millions of AT&T customers across the US. If you signed up for HBO with Video, Wireless, and Internet plans through AT&T then the customer will instantly get access to HBO Max as part of the existing plan.

As a new customer, you need to sign up for the below-mentioned plans to get access to AT&T Streaming Services.

– AT&T Unlimited Elite
– AT&T Internet 1000
– AT&T U-Verse U400 and U450

According to AT&T, these customers will be eligible to get HBO Max included with the plan, however, if you are an existing AT&T customer who is not on an eligible plan of AT&T, then you will get a trial period of this feature. Also, it depends on which plan you signed up with and this period can last for a month or for one year.

AT&T says that if an existing customer upgrades to one of the eligible plans, this will give the customer access to Streaming Feature for free. Customers will get access to more than 10,000 hours of Streaming content, with a mixture of existing movies and TV shows along with new Original Series. If you need more details you can visit ATT Website here.