YouTube Price Hike Benefits Philo That Now Offers Services for $20 a Month

YouTube Price Hike Benefits Philo That Now Offers Services for $20 a Month

Philo has come up now with great price to attract the customers even it is on way to grab other companies’ customers. After YouTube price hike, Philo turns out to be the cheapest streaming service now offering service for just $20 a month. With this low price, the customer can enjoy lots of cable. For the cutting the cord customers, this is the most appropriate deal offered by Philo. The streamer now lets the viewers watch 60 cable channels for merely $20 a month. After YouTube price hike of massive 30% that costs the customers $65 a month, many loyal customers of YouTube and even others are turning to Philo now.

If you are an aficionado of the cable channels such as MTV, A&E, Food Network and Lifetime, you are going to simply love Philo. But wait, with this lower price you are going to miss many prominent broadcast networks like ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox. If you love watching Sports, then get ready to find ‘no’ sports channel as well.

But yes, on the other hand, Philo offers the top channels like Hallmark, HGTV, TLC, History, Discovery, A&E, Nickelodeon and Food Network. What you are going to miss include CNN, Fox, MSNBC, ESPN, USA, ION, TNT and Bravo. Other omissions include Adult Swim, E!Entertainment, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, CNBC and few others. So what is your decision now after YouTube price hike?

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